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Jay's Chatterbox: Morbius First Impressions (Spoilers)

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Hello hello, my fiendish friends. As I write this, I've just come back from seeing Morbius and thought I'd give you all my first impression of the movie. It's got vampires, it's got superheroes, it's got doctors skipping proper procedures to experiment in themselves; what's not to like?

(insert deep, hissing inhale here)

It was alright. And I say that in the nicest way possible.

Don't get me wrong; I was entertained. The effects of the movie were very cool. It did a pretty good job balancing horror elements with superhero. It had a cool end credits scene that makes you intrigued for more. It has quite a few stops that make me interested in it.

But the story? My god was it generic. Like someone opened up a book of “baby's first superhero movie” and followed the basic structure. I get that not every film can be jaw-dropping in their portrayal of things. I do. But this was painfully predictable.

Main character has problem, problem fixed by superpower at a cost, best friend also has problem, best friend wants problem fixed, main character says no, best friend takes problem fixing device like a whiny pissbaby, best friend is now upgraded to villain, love interest gets tied into situation, epic battle-fight, best friend and main character have sad moment, best friend villain KO'ed, love interest still secretly lives (plot twist), roll credits.

With only a few possible little tweaks, I just summed up both this movie and countless others.

Like I said, there's nothing wrong with this formula. There's nothing wrong with liking this formula. Hell, I like this formula. It's just been done millions of times before and it'll be done a million more. But, It's an introductory movie, after all. If anything, you might wanna expect a little more from it than the basic structure without any sort of deviation. But then again, who remembers the “hello, it's nice to meet you” portion of a friendship...

Something I really loved about this movie? The two cops investigating all the murders happening. They were just great. I would watch a series of movies about them investigating superhero crimes. I am a huge sucker for the buddy-cop dynamic.

Now, I know by comparison to other posts, this one is a little short. But it is only a first impression of the movie. And, due to it being opening night, I don't really want to go into too much detail. Especially when it comes to the end credits scenes which, to me, made the entire movie worth it. And it gives enough of a hint for better things to come. So, until next time friends.

Fare Thee Well!

(Oh and P.S.: That's not how vampire bats work, they are not some kind of flying locus swarm, and the bat kamehameha was the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Sorry, I was trying to be nice but I couldn't let that go.)


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